First Sangha Night online

We held our first Sangha Night online on 26th March, 30 people joined the Zoom call. We have shortened the time we are online together as we have found that 90 mins is a maximum amount of time to spend in this medium before it all becomes a bit exhausting. So the idea was to watch a video of an interview with Jnanavaca from the London Buddhist Centre first (on the Dharmic Perspective on Facing a Crisis) and then meet at 8.30 for meditation and discussion. You can watch the video here.

Nagadevi led a beautiful meditation based on the Brahma Viharas, which are variations or moods of the metta practice. And then we split into small groups (a wonderful feature of the Zoom app) to discuss how our practice and understanding of Buddhism and meditation is helping us at this time.

If you have completed an Introductory course with us, you are now able to join in with Sangha Night. See here for upcoming plans.

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