Sangha Night 3rd April

The wonderful thing about a virtual Sangha is the way we can make the most of the breadth of the Triratna world. On 3rd April, Maitrisara and Nagadevi led an evening called Working with Anxiety and Fear attended by 38 people on Zoom. 

People started at home watching a 20 minute talk given by the Chair of the London Buddhist Centre, Suryagupta. Click the link here to watch it.  (Note it was recorded just before the lockdown) Suryagupta mentions three ways to work with anxiety, physically, mentally and spiritually. By spiritually she meant that breadth of perspective where we can see what is happening in a bigger container, a bigger context. She recommends we look for ways each day to take our physical, mental and spiritual sustenance into account. 

On the Zoom call, we meditated and broke into small groups to discuss these approaches. 

Suryagupta also mentions walking meditation which some of you won’t be familiar with. If you are finding sitting meditation a struggle at the moment (and even if you aren’t), walking meditation is a wonderful thing to try. There are some notes here you could check out on how to do it.

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