The significance of Dhardo Rimpoche

39 of us joined the Zoom Sangha Night on 30th April welcoming Mahamati who spoke about Dhardo Rimpoche’s life and work. You can read Mahamati’s introduction here.

Before the call we watched a video of Dhardo Rimpoche speaking about the school he founded in 1954. Click here to watch 15 minute section 17 – 33 mins. We also listened to part of a talk by Padmavajra which you can hear by clicking here. Listen from 17min – 50min (33 mins) – longer if you want to obviously. You can find more about the school as it is today here.

Mahamati suggested that it would be good to listen to Sangharakshita speaking about Dhardo Rimpoche which you can do here.

You probably know from the news that the situation is very difficult in India with the Covid19 situation. If you want to help with a donation,  you can find out more and do so through the Karuna Trust here.

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