Important Information about Attending an In-person Event during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are delighted to be welcoming people back to the Buddhist Centre. At our in-person events we will be doing things differently to keep everyone as safe as possible with social distancing, increased hygiene and other new things in place.   Here is what you need to know if you want to attend at in personContinue reading “Important Information about Attending an In-person Event during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Love with your Head and your Heart

Love with your Head and your Heart was the theme of Sangha Night on 14th May led by Sangharuchi. 35 of us attended. Sangharuchi asked us to prepare by watching this talk by Alain de Botton provocatively entitled “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person”. It is framed around romantic love but the principles areContinue reading “Love with your Head and your Heart”

The practice of gratitude 7th May

30 of us spent an evening reflecting on gratitude. Gratitude is a revolutionary act, we can always turn our mind to it no matter what is happening. The preparation for this evening was to hear from Shradhagita from the London Buddhist Centre who introduces the theme of gratitude here (listen from 0 mins to 19Continue reading “The practice of gratitude 7th May”

The significance of Dhardo Rimpoche

39 of us joined the Zoom Sangha Night on 30th April welcoming Mahamati who spoke about Dhardo Rimpoche’s life and work. You can read Mahamati’s introduction here. Before the call we watched a video of Dhardo Rimpoche speaking about the school he founded in 1954. Click here to watch 15 minute section 17 – 33Continue reading “The significance of Dhardo Rimpoche”

Embracing our Responses to Uncertain Times

38 of us tuned in to Zoom Sangha Night to hear Balajit talk about how, at times of stress, we can easily fall into restricted states of fight, flight and freeze.  To prepare, we watched Balajit’s presentation beforehand (his youtube debut!) here and he invited us to notice what we find helpful when our threatContinue reading “Embracing our Responses to Uncertain Times”

Do Buddhists pray? 16th April Sangha Night

There were 42 of us tonight! To warm us up to this topic, people watched a “thought for the day” by Lalitavira (an Order member based in Dublin) talking about how poems can be a kind of prayer here and we read Sangharakshita’s reflections on prayer in Buddhism here. People brought some poems which speakContinue reading “Do Buddhists pray? 16th April Sangha Night”

Transformation through Sangha 10th April

The Sangha Night was a celebration of the founding 52 years ago of Triratna. Roz and Matty offered us delightful talks on their experiences and reflections on Sangha. Roz read a poem inspired by her first visit to the Centre in 2016. We then discussed two questions in groups – either talking about our ownContinue reading “Transformation through Sangha 10th April”