Going Deeper Course

Investigating Ethics.

29/9-3/11. Led by Nagadevi and Shantiprabha.

What is it to be ethical? What does Buddhism have to say about this and why does it matter anyway? Explore this and other practical questions alongside a chance to meditate and discuss with others.

Limit of 20 places. Please register via:



The Art of Reflection.

18/8-29/9. Led by Dharmashalin

‘It is all too easy either to think obsessively, or not to think enough. But how do we think usefully? How do we reflect? Like any art reflection can be learnt and developed, leading to a deeper understanding of life and the fullness of wisdom.’ 

Over the 6 weeks of the course we’ll be exploring Ratnaguna’s book (you don’t need a copy to do the course). We’ll be focusing on practical exercises to learn and hone our capacity to reflect.  This course is for people who have completed one of our introductory courses. Booking is essential – please email info@birminghambuddhistcentre.org.uk to book.

Living the Mandala

with Dhammaloka

Starting 7th July


Human life has always been complex. Since the days of the Buddha it has become even more complex. It seems that just one Buddha is not enough for people. The maṇḍala of the five Buddhas is a means to make sense of and find orientation in life’s complexities.

In this course, we’ll explore some of the symbolism and practice of the mandala – helping you to create and start working with your ‘personal mandala’.

If you wish to participate, please register with Dhammaloka at “livingmandala2020[AT]gmail.com. (Please replace the ‘[at]’ by @).

There’s no charge for this course, but donations are welcome here.

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