Going Deeper Course

Encounters With Enlightenment

with Dharmashalin

5 weeks starting

2nd June

Every now and then we meet someone who changes the course of our lives. In his time the Buddha influenced dramatically the lives of many people he met, from beggars to kings, murderers to holy men.

Over these 5 weeks we’ll be looking at the stories of what happened in those encounters. Hopefully we’ll weave together a picture of some of what he taught and maybe catch a glimpse of what it is to be enlightened.

Please register for the course at info@birminghambuddhistcentre.org.uk . Each week we’ll send out the story so you can think about it a head of time.

There’s no charge for this course, but donations are welcome here.

7.30-9.00 pm

(to connect with one another, you can join from 7.15. No access for latecomers after 7.35)

To join, click here.

or use the meeting ID 889444 077016

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